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rather than cure it's better to


Lice!.. don't lose your head! Here it is what you need to know in order to defend yourself from the little parasites. Therefore, we have to learn what they are, how we can prevent the infestations and finally how to create an adverse enviroment against the settlement and permanence of the small parasites of the head.

identify the problem


The head’s pediculosis is quite common and mainly affects children. First of all, it is essential to locate the eggs, which can be used to trace what type of lice is in question.

when to


When the infection is detected, it is required to use highly effective products that are also free of insecticides and harmful substances. This is important mainly for the kids but not only. In this case it is always better to look for natural formulations that solve the problem without causing any collateral damages.

Grazie alle vostre informazioni e consigli, adesso so cosa fare per prevenire i pidocchi.
Sonia <Torino>
con i vostri prodotti mi sono liberata dei pidocchi, inoltre i capelli di mia nipote sono rimasti bellissimi, grazie davvero!
Nadia <Venezia>
Informazioni molto utili e prodotti molto validi soprattutto per chi cerca un'alternativa naturale ai soliti chimici di farmacia.
Andrea <Roma>
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